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Driving Revenue Growth - July 24, 2014 - in Collaboration with the Technology Association of Georgia

This discussion has been set up to support the attendees of the Driving Revenue Growth workshop offered in collaboration with TAG from 9AM to Noon on Thursday, July 24, 2014.

Here is an overview of some of the content:

  • A checklist for evaluating existing alliances and/or building new ones
  • A template for a business plan to support an alliance that has been built
  • A technique for prioritizing alliance opportunities
  • A process (six techniques) for finding new alliances

The Business Model Canvas: http://ifivealliances.ning.com/group/business-model-generation


The Strategic Alliances Model: Positioning%20Strategic%20Alliances.ppt

Will be explained and referenced throughout the workshop.

Here is a link to register: Driving Revenue Growth

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There is an evolving approach that TAG is taking with the Results program – we want the attendees to do real work in the workshops. For example:

  1. With mLevel we are suggesting that the attendees will build a real business game that applies to their work and be ready to deploy it by the end of the same day as the workshop

  2. With uDebate and Glenn Pelham we are suggesting that the attendees build a debate that they can use with their company the next day

  3. With IMPAX we are suggesting that the attendees apply their newly defined research skills with two premier member companies during the workshop

  4. With iFive the attendees will build an alliance with another attendee (with someone they bring or someone that I assign to them.)

This “new” thinking has caused me to reshape the content and format of the Driving Revenue Growth workshop significantly.

The new format will be:

  1. 90 minutes of content (thinking models, tools and resources of iFive or others)

  2. 45 minutes for the attendees to present themselves to the group from the perspective of what they are seeking in channels and why they would be a channel for others (the purpose is not to sell to each other it is to build alliances with each other.)

  3. 45 minutes of building the alliances (using the thinking models, tools and resources that I introduced earlier)

My goals are to:

  1. Have all attendees experience a new alliance that produces revenue

  2. Have those attendees that are also thinking about being a TAG provider experience an example of what they can do with their content

  3. Prepare those attendees that are current providers or thinking about being a TAG provider get more from the afternoon session that will focus on how to get more from being a TAG provider

I'm very excited about this event - with two great frameworks and one great facilitator, this is bound to be a "10" event.

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