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2015 What Drives Your Performance Goals

Here is the high level list of what the author summarizes as the answer. My comments in parentheses

Meeting the obligations of “the contract” (with whom, the patient, the provider, the payer?)

Spending money “the way it should be spent”  (this implies what beyond the above?)

Recognizing staff performance (makes sense - but again probably in relation to the above?)

Achieving both cost and quality (ah yes - Nirvana?)

Again - at a high level -these answers and criteria are a fit for corporate learning. Will we ever get there?

When I think about how "managed" the healthcare system seems to be by insurers, government and malpractice attorneys and wonder about the "voice" of the patient and the provider - and see how difficult it is to gain agreement in the healthcare industry about what to do - and them doing it - I conclude that workplace learning will never be as important as healthcare - it has no entity that compares to insurers, government or malpractice - and yet - it has at least as much impact to the economy.

Will we ever really care about performance - or will we just be happy talking (and lamenting or overstating) about performance!

2016 How to Tackle Performance-Based Compensation

An essential element that seems to be missing is the education of the consumer (or the patient/learner.)

If all the burden for success falls to the provider might we create lazy consumers who will be motivated to undermine (unintentionally) their outcomes in hopes of saving money.

How can the patient be "trained" to be a model (i.e. compliant) patient?

How can the learner be "trained" to be a model (i.e. inquisitive) learner?

2017 Value-Based Reimbursement & Accounting: Show Me The Money

"An increasing number of value-based reimbursement models — pay-for-performance, pay-for-success, case rates, capitation, gainsharing..."

"application of new accounting standards to recognition of revenue from contracts with value-based reimbursement."

These are two important matters for our industry to understand:

1. Are there VBR models unique to our industry - yes!

2. What accounting rules exist or need to be updated in order to allow for these models to be applied? And as a corollary - will anyone bother to do so if there are no requirements for VBR in our industry?

2018 Florida to Move Medicaid Children's Medical Services Program to Pri...

This serves as an example of how an industry evolves based on the existence of measurable standards - and accountability - balanced by an educated consumer that makes the choice of where to obtain services.

The training industry has few restrictions - and we may like that - and yet does our credibility suffer from that?


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