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2015 The P4P Glacier Gains Speed

Would you be willing to pay less for learning that was unable to assure outcomes in comparison to other methods that assured better outcomes?

2016 ReInventing HR - With Some Tech Help

With everything you now know about technology and learning - and if you had the authority to make changes - what would you change?

As a hint - why are there so many LMS's? How happy are you with your LMS?

Is there any correlation between the number of software choices and the quality of the choices?

2017 Medicaid Eligibility & Work Requirements – Another Pending Stra...

Would it be fair to offer training to prepare for a better career to those that were unemployed and ask them to do work for someone else willing to cover the cost of the training - even if there was no correlation between the training and the work?

2018 Coming To Grips With The Reality Of Mergers

What mergers would you like to see related to learning? Why?

2019 Experiencing Whiplash From Medicaid Work Requirements?

Would you be willing to work extra hours (without pay) to allow for someone else to get the healthcare they needed?

Would you be willing to work four extra hours every week to do so? Or give up four hours of pay to do so?

2020 The Pandemic Emergency: Effects On Community-Based Organizations

A few months ago I commented to a friend - "Everyone wants to be healthy." His response was - actually - "No one wants to be sick" and the two phrases are not restatements of the same thing.

What Is the a challenge with a system for which I have to spend my money to be healthy and I do not have to spend money when I get sick?


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