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2014 Charity Care Issues In An Era Of Expanded Health Care Coverage

I've heard and then researched to verify that US citizens are the most generous in the world when it comes to making charitable contributions to people they do not know. I wonder if this will change with the "assumption" that everyone has insurance coverage.

Why do we make voluntary contributions? How do we feel when the amount we contribute is left up to us vs. mandated by someone else?

Our tax lows reduce the financial impact of most donations - and yet even the very wealthy - who are not allowed to make deductions for donations still do so.

A culture that voluntarily sustains those in need vs. mandates sustaining those in need feels stronger to me?

When I learned that Habitat for Humanity requires the family that receives a home to also work on building a home for someone else I felt like this was good for two reasons>

1. Despite the fact that it was mandated - it felt fair

2. It honored the recipient by allowing them to experience the joy of helping others in need and expressing thanks at the same time

Would it be impractical to ask that other recipients of charity also do as Habitat does with its recipients?

With learning - I have always heard great teachers say they feel like they learn as much from their students as their students learn from them. I have also heard learners enthusiastically express how much more they learn when they have to teach what they learned to someone else.

What would it take to create "corporate learning activities" where everyone who desired to learn something new would then be asked to teach it to at least two other people?

2017 North Carolina Proposes New Integrated Medicaid Managed Care Model

There are many variables associated with health and I wonder how specialists coordinate their services?

Are there multiple specialists involved with employee performance outcomes (managers, peers, training, personal choices, EAP - to name a few.) How are these services (formal or informal) coordinated?

2018 Making MAT Part of Your Service Line Portfolio

MAT = Medication Assisted Treatment

Their is significant research done regarding health matters including physical medications that are prescribed to improve the physical and behavioral outcomes. One simple example might be nerve-dulling medications to alleviate the pain associated with many medical procedures.

Is there any research related to medications that improve learning? We tend to provide coffee and snacks with facility related learning - is there a good reason for this? If so - would it make sense to expect elearners to access the same snacks? If not - why do we provide coffee and snacks?

What other factors (not directly related to the learning content) have been proven to have a positive impact to learning outcomes?

2019 The 68%

"5%—The proportion of the population using 50% of health care resources

10%—The proportion of the population with an addiction

20%—The proportion of the population with a mental illness

29%—The proportion of population with medical conditions that have a mental illness

But 68%? According to Kaiser Permanente’s recent Social Needs in America Survey, that is the proportion of Americans who have experienced at least one unmet social need in the past year."

"... working with the Social Interventions Research and Evaluations Network (SIREN) to promote high-quality research around social determinants of health. Finally, he noted that health plans alone will not solve the problem of unfunded social support needs and that collaboration with communities, state governments, and federal policymakers are key."

Healthcare continues to discover improvements in health outcomes that are related to social needs (determinants.) Is there a connection between workplace performance and social aspects of one's life (personal or business?)

What might those social determinants be?

Might some of these be common across companies?

What correlations might we impact if we knew they were valid? Would our current structure allow us to impact these determinants?

Would we be willing to understand these determinants - even if they were not something our team could impact positively?


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