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2013 - What path will you choose? Where will it take you? What surprises will it bring?

For iFive and Georgia LEARNS and therefore - me - it will begin as many years since the founding of iFive in 2003 - by reading and being inspired by books that Sherry finds and surprises me with on Christmas (one of my favorites remains - "Tactical Transparency.")


This year will include:


"Risky is the New Safe" - Randy Sage (The Rules Have Changed)

"Leapfrogging" - Soren Kaplan (Harness the Power of Surprise)

"Real Influence" - Mark Goulston and John Ullmen (Persuade without Pushing)

"The Impact Equation" - Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (Are you Making Things Happen or Just Making Noise)

"The Commitment Engine" - John Jantsch (Making Work Worth it)

"The Laws of Subtraction" - Matthew E. May (Age of Excess Everything)


Have you read any of these? What did you learn? What new books are you reading?

What sequence would you choose to read this books in? Does it matter?

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I just finished reading "Risky in the New Safe."


Act II got me wondering about the author's potential political agenda but I got through it. The last two chapters got me inspired. A key take-away that I expect to use in 2013 and beyond was in the Tenor Aria - The New Religion of Ideas:







Curiosity is natural when you are focused on something that you are passionate about.

Discipline is needed to turn passion into a business

Discernment is the most difficult - and the most vital for sustainability (i.e. profitability)

Contrarianism is easy to ponder but perhaps counterproductive without effective discernment

"Leapfrogging" - Foreword (Marshall Goldsmith) and Introduction:


This reads like an effective follow-up to the contrarianism encouraged by Sage in "Risky."

Key take-away from "Leapfrogging" is to anticipate surprise.

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