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Dear all,

We are a corporation that developes serious games to train soft skills. We have quite a good product an we want to send it internationally. We want to create a distribution network in the States. For such thing we want to assist as exhibitor to certain events. Which one would you recommend me?

ASTD, Elearning Guild,...?

Thanks in advance.

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Jaime, it is good to exhibit at events and your strategy around the event is even more important. if you have a strong customer base in the U.S. you would want to defend it by attending an event. If you do not yet have a customer base in the U.S. the time and money would be better spent by focusing on getting customers.


Are you focused on an industry?


Are you open to help with building your distribution network?

Dear Paul,

we are in the training business. We develop serious games for training softskills. 

Our growing strategy is creating a distribution network worldwide because the training in almost all companies is managed locally. We haven't got a customer base in the U.S. that's why we want to promote our firm and finf local partners.

Regarding the second question, yes, I'm open to help.

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