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2016 HHS Proposes Modifying Privacy Rules On Addiction Treatment Records


I have wondered why there has been a mandate for privacy regarding health matters. While it appears to make “common sense” to do so – I wonder why it makes legal sense to do so.

From a common sense perspective there would likely be discrimination and the potential for isolation or misdirected guidance – and yet – might there also be positive support and sharing of resources and information that could lead to improvement.

Someone or some entity perhaps as in the case of HHS will make a ruling or a recommendation when it is in the best interests of the individual and/or society for health information to be public.


How about education information? I am not aware of any privacy laws related to how well someone performed in school or on a test. What if our LinkedIn profiles posted our SAT score, college GPA’s or Certification Test Scores?

In sports we see batting averages and other statistical indicators of performance. In recent years (i.e. the Money Ball era) we have learned that some of the traditional statistics are not as meaningful as the subtle ones that do not get published.

What would be the impact if public companies were required to publish attrition rates by department (i.e. Sales, Product Development, Finance, etc.)

2015 Improving Population Health Management With Public Health Approaches

Would this model help us improve professional readiness also? Is it already in place via our education system? If so - is it working? The consensus seems to be that it is in place and not working. Why would it work with health?

2017 Becoming a "Blue Chip" Provider Organization

"outcomes-focused funding" - is coming to the non-profit world (too!)

The article included:

  • A tactical orientation to data: They identify outcomes and collect data to measure those outcomes.
  • A strategic orientation to data: They use outcomes data to enhance and improve services.
  • A program value orientation to data: They demonstrate with outcomes that they achieved their goals.

This is outcomes and performance data.

Will we shift from learning data (how well/frequently does someone learn and perform while learning) to performance data (how well/frequently does someone perform as a result of what they have learned?)

2018 Coordination, Care & Value-Based Contracting

"engagement, access, availability, and partnership"

How and when do we engage with our learners?

Do they have access to us when they need it?

Do we have available to them what they need?

How can partnerships help us improve our answers to the above questions?

2019 VBR @Scale - Changes Required
  • "making the shift in clinical culture to use decision support tools"
  • "the issue of consensus on performance measures" (e.g. follow-up after hospitalization and re-admissions)
  • "health plan’s own structure and priorities" (e.g. contracting, clinical lead, and  financial) (i.e. Sales, Delivery & Finance)



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