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Augmented Reality has been "in discussion" for quite a while in relation to its potential impact to workplace learning. This article discusses 10 applications of Augmented Reality that will be enhanced by IoT. The train is moving - are you on board?

The article is fairly short and worth 5 minutes to read - especially applications 7 and 10.

1. Bringing City Administration into the 21st Century

2. Cutting Inefficiency and Diagnosing Technical Problems

3. Can a Helmet Protect Workers in More Ways Than One?

4. Maintaining a Fleet of Heavy Equipment Vehicles

5. Monitoring Crops and Farm Vehicles

6. Detecting and Preventing Pump Failures

7. Making Technical Documentation Actually Useful

8. Cutting the Cost of Shipping Freight

9. Visualizing Product Design

10. Making Medical Education Interactive

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How Connectivity is Driving Efficiency Gains in Aviation

Since we often compare transportation to learning and aviation is often compared to the business of learning I thought that this article might have some insights...and it did...the airlines are being  - cautious and seeking incremental change not transformational change. The changes are good and perhaps restricted by regulations, safety and security. I am thankful.


I wonder how it will transform the passenger experience - for example - assuring me that my IoT enabled luggage is on the plane - or ensuring that only I am able to claim my IoT enabled luggage - or transferring my IoT enabled luggage to the rental car company so I do not have to lug it onto a shuttle bus?

What would it take for the CLO to emerge as the C-Level Executive with responsibility for IoT? This article calls for a C-Level Executive with the following capabilities:

1. Architecture Strategy Smarts

2. CRM and/or Sales/Marketing Savvy

3. Product Development “Chops”

4. Enterprise-Wide, Project Management Muscle

IoT will be transformational - the role of the CLO is to be transformational. What would it take for this transformation to be real vs. delusional?

So will Power by the Hour lead to LAAS - Learning as a Service or PAAS - Performance as a Service?

It could if we are willing to get off the sidelines and into the game!

Remember the game has changed for learning because of IoT. Will we be "in it" or "watching it" or "run over by it?"

These 7 Common Pitfalls of an IoT implementation can also serve as a roadmap to success!

  1. Insufficient Investment in Project Management (this is not restricted to IoT - it is a chronic problem)
  2. Failure to Get Buy-In Across the Organization (ditto)
  3. Not Being Able to Update or Replace IoT Components (the low cost of components and the short and long term benefits will make this a no-brainer - it will be like going shopping for groceries on a daily basis!)
  4. Underestimating Vendor Risk (perhaps having a vendor "depth chart" strategy will help?)
  5. Not Having a Plan B or an Exit Strategy (see item 4)
  6. Downplaying Security and Privacy Threats (agreed -and also do not allow these to prevent getting into the game!)
  7. Focusing on Technology over Business (---technology is business - this "excuse is getting lame!")

The 8 Internet Roadblocks is the focus this week - well if it's not a pitfall it's a roadblock?

  1. Insecurity Blanket
  2. Stalking the Elusive Business Case
  3. Hodgepodge Tech
  4. Serious Skill Shortage
  5. Where's the Money
  6. Caught on the Bleeding Edge
  7. FUD Factor
  8. Data Deluge

This is a useful guide to assure that we are prepared!

The 5 steps to adopting an IoT mindset

1. Questions: Ask NEW questions about old problems (or seek NEW answers to old questions)
2. Data Sources: Determine sources of data that help provide answers to NEW or old questions
3. Connect: Use IoT to connect the sources of data
4. Intellect: Use human intellect to make NEW or better decisions based on the connected data
5. Automate: Use technology to implement the decisions

Initially the effort in step 3 will focus on how to connect existing devices. Soon - NEW devices will be designed to be connected. As Learning and Performance Professionals we will earn the opportunity to impact the design of the new devices as we combine our knowledge of business process best practices with a mindset that is willing to pioneer IoT enhanced performance.

As NEW problems emerge our IoT mindset will allow us to anticipate them and build NEW performance solutions.

The "NEW" game is ours to win or lose - what choice do you think our industry will make?

A LinkedIn Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/IoT-Learning-Performance-Profession... has been established to enable learning from a wider range of people.

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