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2014 Making The “Community-Based” Concept Work

Too often we plan for the cost of the technology but not for the cost of adoption and assimilation. Traditional training is a small part of the solution. Culture, support and engagement are even more important. How might we expand our role with culture, support and engagement?

2015 Why Medicaid ACO Models Seem Confusing

How might we implement accountability for learning outcomes?

2016 Arizona’s Next MTLSS Contracts To Link 50% Of Payments To Value-Bas...

What controlled experiments related to value-based outcomes might we consider?

2017 Even ‘Change Management’ Is Changing

How have you experienced changes in change management?

2018 Is 2019 The Year Of The Telehealth Tipping Point?

What is needed to accelerate our ability to achieve a tipping point with learning innovations?

2019 Are Bundled Payments The Future Of Autism Reimbursement?

Does every employee need the same amount of time, content and format of training in order to succeed?

How might we determine the best way to spend based on need?

2020 12 Steps To Creating Your Data-Driven Organization

How do we develop the skills for something that requires 12 steps? How do we objectively assure that being data-drive is worth what it takes?

2021 Collaborative Culture For The Integrated, Hybrid & Value-Based ...

What is easier - to collaborate or to compete>

Where do we learn either?

Are we drawn to one more than the other?

How can we leverage the potential of collaboration if competition is more ingrained?

2022 Nebraska Medicaid Selects Molina, UnitedHealth Care & Nebraska ...

Who would you trust personally to manage your learning?

Who would you like to trust you to manage your learning?

How would the trusted source sustain the trust?

2023 Cash Is King

What is more important than cash?

What mattered before cash existed?

Do we want cash to be the king?


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