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2015 Michigan Medicaid To Launch Primary Care Health Homes Program

What innovations in "whole person" learning would you favor in the business world?

2016 For Many Provider Organizations, The Shift To Managed Long-Term Car...

What changes would be needed for us to shift our business model from fee for service to value-based reimbursement?

2017 David Versus Goliath?

Are you and your company prepared to adapt your business model?

2018 Why New Medicare Rules For ‘Non-Medical Benefits’ Matter

At a minimum our role could be to educate leaders and managers regarding social determinants related to performance outcomes.

What else could we do? Influence corporate policy related to these determinants? Provide programs that deal with these determinants directly? What else?

2021 Swipe Right If It’s A Match

Has accountability driven mergers?

Will the market force accountability on providers? What if the market has limited or no choice of providers?

Would our industry experience consolidation if accountability were imposed upon us?

2022 Have You Been Hacked—Yet?

Hacking may be defined as unauthorized access to data.

What might a hacker do that someone with authorized access could not or would not do?

What data do we have that a hacker might wish to access? Why?

2023 The Forefront Of AI Is In The Background

What do you perceive the impact of AI will be in the future?

What do you want it to be?

What are you doing to help create the future you want?

What are the Global Trends related to Poverty?


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