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If you are willing to partner with a training, technology or consulting company in order to grow your revenues by adding more value to what you have to offer to your clients and prospects then please contact me.

My fees and commissions are paid by my clients. My work with you will focus on how you can "sell more of what you already have to offer" by forming a strategic (revenue focused) alliance with one or more of my clients.

Examples of current opportunities include:

Training: Allman Consulting, CertiFi, C-Level Enterprises, Concept Hub, DJ Consultants, Executive Speak/Write, Krauthammer, OD-Center, The PAR Group, Vervago

Technology: Evirx, LogicJunction, Neighborhood America, Telsim, The Quality Group, ThinkSmart

Consulting: Bianco Hopkins, BrantleyHouse, Enliten, i3 Logic, Omni Tech, Sales Effectiveness, Spinnaker Medical, The Odyssey Group

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LogicJunction has a significant history of creating value for its partners in the Trade Show and Museum industries. These "education applications" prepared them to enter the training industry. Examples of these applications for kiosk or web-based applications in the training industry include:

1. Virtual Training Center Receptionist/Greeter
2. Virtual Training Center Concierge
3. Virtual Classroom Assistant
4. Virtual Call Center Assistant
5. Virtual Performance Support Assistant
6. Virtual Product Manager

The ideal partner is a company that offers custom content development services to their client base and is interested in extending their brand or their customer's brand.This is done by recommending and implementing a solution that combines their design and development capabilities around a technology that offers the a three dimensional, AI and data driven conversation between human and avatar.

Please let me know if you would like to partner with LogicJunction or to learn more about their capabilities.
Allman Consulting offers a series of courses in a variety of formats that have been designed to help the small retail business owner gain the skills for successfully managing and growing their business. These offerings have been delivered for up to 12 years or more to the Carpet Retailing Industry.

The ideal partner is a company that offers services to a similar retail industry (e.g. furniture, automotive supplies, landscaping, building supplies or services) The partner could be a training or consulting company that wants to rapidly expand its offerings or a technology company that wants to reduce operating costs for its clients while helping its clients improve and automate core business processes.

Please let me know if you would like to partner with Allman or to learn more about their offerings.
Worldwide Center for Organizational Development WCOD has been creating learning and assessment products for over 15 years. Most recently, they have created and deployed a wide range of blended online learning courses (www.rapidskillbuilder.com) and on-line assessments (www.profiles-r-us.com) in a variety of soft skills, business and leadership areas. Additionally they have created an online store capability for the distribution of this content as well as training kits, storyboards and supplementary resources at www.readytomanage.com.

The ideal partner is a custom content development company that wishes to repurpose existing blended content in order to reduce development time and cost for its clients. Partners that are interested in expanding their offerings by reselling additional courses or assessments will be engaged by the wide array of choice from WCOD. The potential to have a branded online store will be of interest to partners as well.

Please contact Paul Terlemezian if you would like to partner with WCOD or learn more about their offerings.
Social Media Alliances: A series of alliances have been developed by iFive that enable partners to strengthen their brand with their clients. The alliances address the needs at the various stages of technology adoption as described by Geoffrey Moore in "Crossing the Chasm."

Early Majority
Late Majority

Please review the PowerPoint presentation in the Social Learning Blog for more details.

(404) 252-8330
CertiFi offers training to help individuals prepare for the PMP test. Their website is http://www.certifinow.com

The discount code = NEWS7735 entitles the user to a 10% discount. If you are interested in being a partner with CertiFi and earning a commission and a discount for your clients please contact Paul Terlemezian - 404-252-8330.
OmniTechTrans - http://www.omnitechtrans.com - provides translations and a comprehensive range of translation & foreign language support services in all business languages to Business, Government & Defense clients that value cutting edge development and implementation of complete multilingual web, multimedia and print-based solutions.

Key benefits of working with Omni Tech are:

Omni tech has been an award winning Language Services provider since 1991 and we enjoy many long-term business relationships with large corporations, small businesses and government institutions alike. Omni’s business model is based on taking our clients’ best interests at heart, thereby earning their trust, friendship and repeat business.

Omni Tech - Process: localization begins with a thorough assessment of existing assets, methods and project requirements.

Omni Tech - Terminology Management: Using leading terminology tools and subject/industry specific experience and know-how, Omni Tech’s translators and editors create and maintain client-specific glossaries to ensure that approved terminology is used both within projects and from one project to the next.

Omni Tech - Development, Authoring & Production Tools By mirroring your development and production environment, Omni Tech produces accurately translated and localized versions of your original files without the need for file or format conversion.

The ideal partner for OmniTechTrans is:

1. A software company that is interested in providing localized foreign language versions of its software, localized documentation and/or training to support the use of its applications by its customers’ users and support staff in their native language.
2. A training content (standard or custom) provider that wishes to offer complete multilingual capabilities to its clients.
3. A printing company that wishes to broaden the scope of the services that it extends to its clients
4. A manufacturer that needs to provide complex technical documentation to its clients in the language of the user’s choice.

Please contact Paul Terlemezian – 404-252-8330 or pault@ifivealliances.com if you would like to partner with OmniTechTrans or learn more about their capabilities.

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