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I have just obtained a copy of Free - the new book by Chris Anderson. Today I read an article at ITEC "The Free Content Conundrum" by Ron Miller and its embedded link to Mark Cuban's take on tis subject.

Here's the ITEC article http://goitec.com/article.html?a=The-free-content-conundrum&utm...

Here are Mark Cuban's comments - you'll need to scroll down to find them


I've also started discussions in several forums to discover the thoughts, concerns, opportunities and actions that people will take if (when?) free training becomes the expected norrm.

I am interested in your comments and will update you as I read Free.

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Jody Pollack sent me this article today. It was published in AARP - Free training is not just for millenials! It has useful content regarding many free sites and what someone needs to do in order to benefit from these sites (this part felt like it was written for people who are not really used to using the web.)


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