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Training Magazine Article - 6 Emerging Technologies in Education

Here is a link to the article -


1. Cloud Computing - The article just scratches the surface by describing how this saves money. The real promise is when we start enabling new learning concepts based on real-time interaction with dynamic content. Is anyone doing this?

2. Mobile Technology - Again the emphasis was on cost savings - there is an example of real-time interaction.

3. Gaming -  A few years ago I read that "gaming" meant - competitive, immersive, self-diagnostic, continuous interaction. What else needs to be included?

4. Open Content - I think we also need to consider - user generated content as the driver behind open.

5. Learning Analytics - As an "analytic" this appeals to me. Common sense however tells me that the learner does not need analytics to know whether or not the learning worked.

6. Personal Learning Environments - This one is perhaps the most significant.

What is the most significant emerging technology in your opinion? Is it something not on this list?

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