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There are some people and companies who are doing well in this economy.  What is their secret?  Are they creating that negative outcome by focusing on the negative?  What have you done to survive and thrive in this economy?  What is your strategy in 2012?  For me, it's simple.  Stick with what works.  Don't change what I'm doing because of price or time or whatever the self imposed constraints that companies tell me.

Would love to know your thoughts.

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I agree that it is important to "stick with what works" as long as it is working!


If it worked in 1999 and hasn't worked since 2008 then it may be time (or past time) to examine what you are doing.


My advice is to focus on a combination of what you see objective evidence is working and what you truly enjoy. The enjoyment will sustain you through times of resistance and uncontrollable challenges.


Best of continued success in 2012!

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