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Over the last three to four years I have been using LinkedIn, Twitter and Ning with documented success for marketing and learning. Much of this has been described on other parts of this site. Right now, thanks to a question posed by Alyssa Galeros of The Ariel Group in Boston (there is no business relationship between iFive and The Ariel Group I am curious about the role that Yammer can play to help training companies with marketing, operations and content.


Alyssa taught me today about the fact that Yammer feels more like Facebook and hence might be more  attractive to the Facebook Generation than LinkedIn, Twitter and Ning.


I promised Alyssa that I would search for people who had expertise in training and yammer and ask that they join this discussion.


Might that be you?

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Yammer, to me, is a combo of Twitter and Facebook, all for the purpose of sharing with those in your company (you have your company email address as the connecting factor when you sign up.)


I started using Yammer about 2 years ago, seeing the potential of connecting and learning from colleagues that aren't in my direct department, or even at my location. I've enjoyed finding out about other areas of the company, and learning who my SMEs might be should I need more info at a later date.

Paul, check with our friend Selah Abrams at Turner. When we discussed Yammer a year ago, his group had been using it for informal learning for quite a while.



Well, I just discovered about it, so I apologise if my comments aren't really relevant or incorrect.

At first glance, it sounds like a nice idea to share things among co-workers. My first thought however was, what happened if I change company? I certainly would not want to lose everything that I contributed to, particularly if such contributions were made  during my spare time. Linkedin certainly does not have any restriction on company email address and my contacts stay with me when I move along my career.

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