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2014 Big Data In Action

How has Big Data resulted in improved performance outcomes (not just learning outcomes?)

What evidence based practices have emerged in our industry that apply across all companies?

2015 Seven Steps To Delivering ‘Breakthrough’ Consumer Experiences

What business model or framework is guiding your actions related to learner experience?

2016 Consumer Health Tech: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Innovations may require a different mindset in order to achieve their potential. The mindset of leaders and the users - of our company and within our clients. How do we assure that the mindsets are aligned amongst these four sets of individuals?

2018 Suicide Stats, Addiction Stats – But Not A Lot Of Solutions

The narrative "matters" - what should we be talking about - and fixing?

How do we deal with this within our corporations? Do we have the data to justify our investments or does "the narrative do the talking?"

2019 Specialty Health Plans On The Increase In Medicaid

What innovations or new models have you experienced related to assuring performance outcomes?

2020 It Keeps Health Plan Managers Up At Night. What Is ___?

Why is this question so popular?

What would cause you to answer it honestly?

What would we do with the answer if we knew what was keeping our employees up at night?

2021 Still A Ways To Go

What areas of professional development have seen significant industry wide improvement?

How have we determined that these improvements are industry wide and significant?

2022 Is It The Silo?

I've heard that Veterinarians are the best doctors because they treat the entire patient?

I wonder if animals are capable or interested in creating false impressions?

Are humans too complicated? Is there too much to learn?

We work as cross-functional teams and yet we learn functionally? What are the challenges and benefits of cross-functional team training?

2023 Hawaii Medicaid Waiver Extension Proposes New Programs Supporting W...

What services are offered to you at no cost that you do not use?


What would motivate you to either pay for these services yourself elsewhere or find another way to not need the free services?

Why do we not live with our parents forever?


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