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2014 The Many Pathways To Coordinated Care – The Restructuring Continues

We tend to budget and deliver training functionally and yet much of the work we do is "cross-functional."

Would it be valuable to provide cross-functional training?

We also tend to train by level of management - would it be valuable to train vertically as well?

What obstacles exist to these "integrations?"

2015 Defining The Juvenile Justice Population

What demographics do we have that relates to performance outcomes in the workplace?

Would it be beneficial to share this across an industry?

Who would benefit from this sharing?

What obstacles exist - besides the cost?

2016 Massachusetts Medicaid Waiver Approved: State To Begin Transforming...

What would it take for the education industry (at any level) to adopt the (verifiable) notion of accountability?

2017 IT Spending Follows The Money

Would we benefit from technologies that enabled value-based reimbursement related to learning? What would motivate this?

2018 The Strategic Impact Of Addiction Treatment Legislation

Who would benefit from:

  1. more funding related to learning innovations that assure outcomes
  2. rules and regulations that assure that learning is actually occurring
  3. acceptance of innovation in learning

2019 Prioritizing Innovation: It’s About Discipline & Thinking Creat...

How does one "budget for innovation?"

When innovating - how does one balance what one wants to do vs. what is most likely to create value?

2020 The Clash Of The Giants: Where Is Your Sling?

Could Amazon offer what your company offers? What could your company offer it it had the data, resources, and relationships that Amazon has? What can you do - they are not likely to do?

2021 What’s Up With Psychedelics?

How much do we truly understand the mind? What allows us to change our mind?

What is an artificial stimulation of the mind and what is a natural stimulation?

Why are eyeglasses and hearing aids acceptable mind stimulators? What is not acceptable?

D.C. Council Approves Medicaid MCO Contracts With MedStar, AmeriHea...

What would remain for us to do if all aspects of what we currently do were outsourced?

2023 From 48% To 61% & Counting…

How many sources for healthcare do you wish to have?

If you had a choice between paying or not paying for the healthcare - what would you choose?

If you had a choice between being cured by those who were paid or those who were curing you without being paid - what would you choose?

Same questions but you choose the service - education, security, housing,,,

What did you learn about yourself from your answers?


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