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2014 Narrow Networks & Children’s Services: Another Perspective

The ultimate narrow network is a single provider (internal or external.) A challenge is to avoid convincing oneself or your clients that the narrow perspective fits every need - this then creates another challenge - how to handle those needs that do not fit the narrow perspective?

How narrow is your network - what are the risks and benefits of a narrow network?

2015 Would You Give A Refund To Dissatisfied Consumers?

How important is it to know whether your customers are satisfied or not?

What makes it worth their time and risk to let you know?

2016 I/DD Reimbursement Changes Bring New Management Challenges

How are you assuring that you getting better results sooner with less cost?

2017 The Emerging Digital Treatment Era

What limits will technology place on human performance replacement or enhancement. How can we be assured that we have the technologies needed for our performance and that our performance is not made obsolete by an innovation created by someone else?

2018 Why Don’t Consumers Have More Access To Supported Employment?


What mindset shifts are required to address supported employment?

What business model redesigns might facilitate these shifts?

What can be done to reduce or eliminate the stigma in the workplace?

2019 Keeping Tabs On The Current Performance For Child Mental Health

What is the long term success of your programs for on-boarding new-hires?

How has this measurement varied over time - by department and geography?

How does it compare to other organizations?

2020 The Next Normal Health & Human Service Landscape – What Can We ...

While using our rear view mirror is important - how are we getting better at using the windshield view that is informed not by extrapolating from the past but by learning from those who have just recently experienced what we are about to experience?

Where are we as learning leaders learning?

2021 Tennessee Announces Intent To Award Next Medicaid MCO Contracts To ...

What improvements in learning and performance assurance have we discovered by understanding innovations related to IDD?

2022 Home Care Is Where The Technology Is

What might have happened if the US Post Office had undertaken an initiative to assure that every home had internet access, the right devices, the applications, and the knowledge to use the access, devices, and applications?

What costs would have been offset?

What data would be available?

What benefits would be gained?

What if we did this now for learning? What new industries would emerge to address the new problems that would emerge?

2023 The Tech Of Aging

How is Tech impacting how we learn?

How do we learn how to learn?

I think learning results from:

  1. stimulus - how do we recognize it and choose to react to it or not?
  2. reaction - if we recognize it - how do we decide what to do about the stimulus?
  3. outcome  - whether we do something or not - how and when do we know the effectiveness of our choice?
  4. adaptation - what might stimulate us to consider adapting our decision?

What do we allow to stimulate us? How is tech impacting this decision?


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