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2014 Planning Your IoT Strategy

How might we assure that technologies are designed to meet our strategy?

2015 Walgreen Expands Telehealth Services To 25 States

Walgreens was adjacent to the health industry and leveraged this position to accelerate a disruption. Who is adjacent to learning that might accelerate a disruption? LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, You-tube, Amazon?

2016 Another Level In The Continuum – The Micro-Hospital

As we think about micro-learning is there also an opportunity for a "micro-college" or "micro-university?" If classes were offered in every Starbucks or Home Depot or Corporate classroom - that earned college credit - might we expand reach and lower cost?

Perhaps Uber of Lyft could help us find the instructors?

2017 Can You Teach A Fish To Climb A Tree?

In some case the regulatory landscape has been designed to protect the established players rather than serve the market. Uber, Google and Amazon have disrupted by approaching the market in ways that did avoid the regulatory issues.

Are there any regulatory matters (or other barriers to entry) to learning in the workplace?

And while it may not be possible for a fish to climb a tree - what if tree-climbers discover the benefits of scuba-diving?

2018 The Enablers Of Competitive Advantage

What prevents us from helping ourselves and our clients be more competitive by using:

  1. new reimbursement models
  2. new ways of using technology
  3. new ways of focusing on analytics?

2019 A New Autism Program In Your Future? What To Consider

What risks are there with conforming our offerings to the needs of our clients vs. expecting our clients to conform to the way we have chosen to deliver our services?

2020 Kindred Behavioral Health Planning To Double Bed Capacity In 12 Months

Where would you like to see our industry push forward with commitment?

2021 Data To Address Social Determinants—The Two-Edged Sword

Do we have enough information about the performance of the people we are helping?

Are there things we know about our performance that we do not want others to know?

2022 How Does Your Organization Stack Up?

How do we assure that we are the best available choice vs. the only choice?

If we are the only choice - how do we assure that being the only is the best for our organization as a whole?

2023 The Pay Issue

Who benefits from being educated?

What motivates one to learn?

How can we assure performance?

What is the relationship to payment to each of these questions?


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