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2014 Will Consumers Add Health Services To Their Holiday Shopping List?

How might we offer the full range (not just the electronic range) of services to our clients where they live and shop?

2015 What Does The “Right” Executive Look Like?

What personality characteristics are attributes of successful leaders?

2016 Population Health Management Strategies – The Hospital Perspective ...

How might health status, economic concerns, housing, nutrition and family matters impact workplace performance? Might we accommodate for them? Why?

2017 Your 21st Century Fund Development Toolkit

How might "non-profit" fund raising techniques help us build support for investment in learning as an internal "non-profit?

2018 Beacon Care Services Launched With Texas Walmart Mental Health Prac...

How might retail service delivery models work for us? What are retail strategies that we might emulate? Costco for example?

2019 Expanding Your Integration Reach With Chronic Disease Mgmt & SDOH

I wonder why it took so long for healthcare to discover the need for integrated care? What "discoveries" might the training industry have taken so long to discover?

2020 Social Determinants: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Where and by whom is the line drawn between individual responsibility and community responsibility?


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