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2015 The New Tools You Need

"Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools and yesterday’s concepts – Marshall McLuhan

What tools or information do we need so that we can assure that we learn and teach in a manner that produces the best outcome for everyone - every time?

2016 ‘I’ve Demonstrated What Works’ – Now What?

"But what if you demonstrate that the performance of your program does work? How do you move the needle with health plan market share?"

  1. it’s a matter of scale.
  2. how and in what manner the interventions are delivered.
  3. executives are very busy, and when using our metrics of past success

2017 Times Are Changing, But Reimbursement & Technology Continue To ...

"value-based reimbursement, HIPAA audits and fines, and foster care top the list of briefing topics important to executives."

What aspects of culture, regulation, or technology have improved the outcomes of learning for everyone - every time?

2018 California Medicaid Launches Whole Child Model Program

What would a "Whole Career Program" look like?

Would the elements be the same for every learner?

How would we address aspects that impact the employee but do not directly impact the line of business that they work in?

What if the aspect did not address any business line in the current company of employment?

2019 5 Reasons Why ‘Consumerism’ Must Be Part Of Your Strategy

  • Will anyone admit that they are not focused on the "customer?"
  • Who is your "customer?"
  • Is your "customer" always right?
  • What is the L&D roll if it recognizes that the "customer" is not right?
  • How can L&D assure that the "customer" is right?

2020 The Present & The Future May Be Virtual—But What Are The Rules?

It has become convenient to expect online services - including live video. What are we doing to assure that the learner, the provider and the decision-maker are competent with the decisions that are being made that allow for success for everyone - every time?


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