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2017 If Your Goal is to Share Savings, You Need to Measure It

Brilliant - so why didn't we think of this before. If investments in employee training are supposed to create financial benefits to the employer then why don't we share these benefits with the employee.

For example - if spending $10,000 a year to train an employee keeps the employee loyal and saves the company $50,000 in replacement costs - then why not give the employee an extra thousand bucks. Here is an even better idea - give the employee the option of spending their own money on any training they want - and if they stay for another year and improve their performance - reimburse the employee for what they spent and provide a bonus.

 Why would this not work? Do we really not believe that training makes a difference! - Shame on us - let's work harder to make sure it does make a difference! And if not - then train the employee so they can leave for a better job and let a lower paid person take the job they left.

Crazy for sure - but it would work!


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