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2017 Improving the State of Collaborative Care

Here is a summary of the challenges:

  1. There are problems in getting primary care professionals (PCPs) to make behavioral health referrals
  2. There is a need for improved electronic communication between the PCPs and behavioral health professionals (for example, in a FQHC, behavioral health reports are faxed, scanned, put in consumers electronic medical records – but rarely reviewed)
  3. The “warm handoff” process is key to getting consumer acceptance of referrals but doesn’t happen most of the time

This is a framework for us to keep in mind:

  1. Will we as educators try to do too much or ignore learning needs - rather than refer "our clients"  to another professional?
  2. What electronic communication exists between providers? None really - the LMS is not portable between employers and does not address informal learning comprehensively - if at all!
  3. Would we ever do a warm handoff? Would two training providers even know that they were working with the same learner? Does this happen in K-12 - across grades, counties, states, countries? Ask InBloom if you are not sure!


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