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2017 California Medicaid Health Homes Program Launching in July 2018

"...beginning on July 1, 2018. Following a three-phase launch schedule, a total of 29 counties will implement the HHP to serve beneficiaries with chronic conditions, including substance use disorder (SUD) and serious mental illness (SMI). DHCS estimates that approximately 351,000 to 585,000 Medi-Cal beneficiaries in the 29 implementing counties will be eligible for the HHP."

California is a big state - and that is a big number! I wonder what the number is nationally and globally?

I wonder if there are correlations between mental health and workforce performance. So much information is protected (rightfully so) and I know that companies invest in EAP's -employee assistance programs - to provide anonymous help. And yet - there may be stigma associated with getting "help."

We work hard to separate personal matters from professional matters - if we can crack the code - legally and safely - it would seem that the returns would be spectacular - for humanity and corporations.


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