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2014 Outcomes Management Needs Great Reporting & The Right Data

How are we assuring outcomes for our learners?

2015 Lessons Learned In Making Computerized CBT Work

How are we assuring that our investments in technology were wise?

2016 A Dizzying Discussion Of Tech Strategy At #OMTechnology

What technology framework guides your investments for enterprise learning strategy development?

2017 Arizona Medicaid Releases RFP For Integrated Care Contracts

What is more relevant than learning cost containment?

2018 Considering Cash—& Consumerism—In Service Line Planning

The point of this article is that since most consumers do not pay for healthcare (a third party usually pays) - we really do not know what the patient values nor wants in terms of amenities. Might the same be said for the employees we train? Would they pay for the training we provide them? Given the choice of the cash equivalent of the training or the training - which option would they choose? What does your answer reveal?

2019 Prepare For Impact: The New CMS Home Health Payment Model

Would you be willing to split your payment model to receiving 60% upon delivery of the service and 40% upon the receiver achieving the expected outcome?

2020 What Will Be The “COVID Effect” When It’s All Over?

What do we want it to be? How much control over what it will be do we want?

2021 What The Pandemic Started Is Here To Stay

What might this include?

If it is a bad thing - how are we mitigating the impact?

If it is a good thing - why did it take a pandemic for it to gain permanence?

2022 Succeeding At The Value Game

How do providers prove they are creating value?

Will their clients pay them for the value?

Tough questions?

How have providers proven value in the past? Was it the value that their clients needed or the value they settled for getting?

Are providers willing to ask clients what value they need and how much they will pay for it - and when and how?

Would clients know how to answer these questions in a manner that is fair to them and fair to the provider?

2023 Amazon Launches $9 Monthly Health Services For Prime Members

If Amazon can provide monthly health services for $9 what might it charge for learning services?

How much would you pay for learning services?


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