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2014 Bringing Your Data To Life

What role will we play in finding, developing and benefiting from talent - internally and externally?

2015 The Top 10 Medicaid ACO Performance Measures

Do we have the data to determine with objectivity the 10 most common performance measures for our work or the work of the people we deliver our services to?

2016 EHR Implementations: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What was common in training in years past that we no longer do?

2017 How Technology Is Changing Case Management

How are we using technology to allow learners to manage their own learning and for our services to be real-time producers of desired outcomes?

2018 Training Is Key To Getting Tech ROI

What is our role in getting the ROI? What can be done to assure it? Do we want a role?

2019 Billing Compliance Programs Don’t Seem Relevant Until…

What percent of the time do we think our clients gain the results they expect from our courses?

If 100% then Value-Based Reimbursement might be moot. If less than 100% how would it impact your business model?

2020 COVID—What We Know Is A Moving Target

What training targets are we aiming at - that are moving? How have we innovated to be more effective?

2021 Massachusetts Medicaid Program Covers Pear Therapeutics Prescriptio...

Where have we collaborated as an industry or function to address and solve a common problem?

Where would you like to see us do so?
What would it take for that to happen?

2022 The Future Belongs To Organizations With The Data

What takes more time, money, and effort - thinking or doing?

Where do we need to spend more, time, money and effort - thinking or doing?

Do we devalue thinking because it is "cheap?

Do we overvalue what we have done because it was expensive to do and likely quite expensive to undo or replace?

How expensive is it to define, collect, analyze,implement, evaluate, and adapt data?

2023 The State Jigsaw Puzzle

How many different solutions are beneficial for the same problem?

How many different ways are there to describe a problem?

What are the benefits of having more than one solutions?

What are the risks?


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