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2014 The End Of Symptomatic Psychiatry?

Where are we on the path of optimizing learning/performance choices for our clients?

2015 Oregon Proposed ADA Settlement Reduces Use Of Sheltered Workshop Se...

Can we prove that our current method of working with people with poor performance leads to improved performance?

How do we assure the results that we wish to produce when focused on performance improvement?

Do we have the data and proven processes?

2016 Leveraging Technology In Community-Based Service Settings

What technologies are common in every day life outside of work?

Which of these technologies do we use in the services we provide?

How might each assist in performance assurance?

2017 The High Water For Opioid Crisis Keeps Rising

How bad would things need to get before you looked inward to propose a change in the way you were working?

Does your current business model allow for you to propose change?

What changes in business model would be needed?

2018 What Is The Alternative To Restraint?

What is the equivalent of "restraints" in the workplace?

What is the impact to the employee, the manager and support staff?

What might we do instead (besides being too busy to work on this?)


2019 New Approaches For Autism: Early Intervention, Telehealth & More

What prevents us from implementing - or perhaps even conceiving new approaches for "old" problems?

2020 North Dakota Rebids Medicaid Managed Care Contract, Adding HCBS For...

What is the purpose of the bidding process?

What assures the best outcomes?

What is fair?

2021 In The Hybrid Era, Websites Are Not Brochures

What is a brochure?

What differentiates a website from a brochure?
What is a course?

What differentiates a course from anything else?

When is the last time we changed the definition of a course?

2022 Using Tech To Address The Relapse Problem

What is a learning or performance relapse?

What creates it?

What are we doing to diminish or eliminate it?

How might technology help us do this better?

2023 Burnout: The CEO Perspective

Does it matter if your boss is happy?

What about their boss? What if the CEO is not happy?

What matters more than being the highest paid employee in the company?


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