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2014 19 of 23 Medicare Pioneer ACOs Move Into Year Three; Quality Outcom...

What comes first quality or profitability(i.e. not losing money?) We would like both at the same time -and yet often - there is recognition that the investment to create quality may come first by design for some situations. How long can we wait to experience profitability?

How long can we sustain spending more than we have to spend?

2015 What Criminal Activities Bar Individuals From Public Housing?

Where might we see a similar "Catch 22" in the workplace? Are there conditions under which we do not allow people to be re-hired or transferred or given salary increases?

Do we inadvertently sustain poor performance?

2016 The Child Welfare Privatization Conundrum

What checks and balances would assure proper balance of outcomes and costs?

How do each of these functions assure their proper balance?

  • sales
  • marketing
  • finance
  • operations
  • product development?

2017 Is Your Staff ‘Performance Prepared’?

The approach described in this article starts with performance and applies training as a remedy - so it seems more efficient.

Might it also attach a stigma with "being in training?" How would we remedy this?

2018 Is It Privacy Versus Convenience?

What privacy concerns relate to training? What conclusions might be drawn if you knew what training was being taken by your manager or their manager or a co-worker that you are having challenges working with. Might someone draw conclusions about you if they knew what training you were taking.

What benefits occur from making training rosters "public?"

2019 In Case We Missed You In Philadelphia

There is a lot of talk about technology and a lot of talk about the consumer experience.

Is anyone listening? Do we only hear what we want to hear?

2020 Bigger Is Not Always Better—Except For Most Of The Time

How do we define better? Is our definition biased towards bigger or has bigger earned the reputation - most of the time?

How do we avoid bigger being better just because they do a better job of telling us they are better?

2021 Be The Expert

What makes an expert an expert?

Once an expert how does one continue to be an expert?

What is the purpose of being an expert?

What is the relative importance of:

  • Being an expert
  • Recognizing an expert
  • Finding an expert
  • Creating an expert

2022 Shifting Addiction Treatment Models

What is a learning model?

What are the most common learning models?

How do we know which model to apply?

What shifts or changes in learning models have you experienced? Why? What are the performance results?

2023 Where Is Mental Health “Good” Or Not?

When is it important to remove bias from data analysis?

Is it possible to remove bias from data analysis?

Do you want it to be possible?

What alternatives exist if it is not possible?


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