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2014 The Dismal State Of Data Exchange

Where is our industry on data exchange - within our company? with our external providers? with other consumers?

Are we in danger of being "left out?" Of what?

2015 Technology Innovation In Health & Human Services – The Future I...

Marc Andreesen predicted this for healthcare in 2011 "Software is Eating the World." He also predicted it for education. https://a16z.com/2011/08/20/why-software-is-eating-the-world/

2016 Your Roadmap To Interoperability

How do we interoperate with the other aspects of performance that are relevant to those we serve?

Are we doing enough?

2017 FDA Approves Abilify MyCite® (Aripiprazole Tablets With Sensor), A ...

Healthcare is focused on using technology to assure that the right things are being done. How might we use technology to assure that the right things get done?

2018 How Many Shelter Beds Are Enough?

How many seats (online or classroom) are available for any given topic?

How many people would like to fill one of these seats?

What's the problem?

2019 What We Can Still Learn From Mickey Mouse In 2019

What inefficiencies are associated with creating and distributing training?

What inefficiencies are associated with choosing and consuming training?

What new business model could reduce or eliminate these inefficiencies?

2020 Specialty Primary Care As A Diversification Strategy

Why might one choose to specialize? What are the benefits to the learner? When do we wish to be served by a generalist and when do we wish to be served by a specialist?

2021 The ‘Payviders’ Are Coming—From Both Directions

What would happen if we paid people to learn? Aren't we already doing that?

How would someone proved that they had learned?

2022 Progress On The Path To Digital Transformation

Even more critical than the decision to use technology are the speed, effectiveness, and costs associated with the choice.

The same is true for learning. We may think of this as the ROI or some other measurement to determine the impact of the choice.

How would you evaluate our ability to assure speed, effectiveness, and cost?

2023 Florida Rebids Child Welfare Community-Based Care Lead Agency Contr...

How might we rate our trustworthiness?

How might we rate the trustworthiness of others?

Do you know anyone that is more trustworthy than you?


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