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2014 Narrow Networks Gone Awry?

Where do we use narrow networks? How do we assure there relevance?

2015 What Is DSRIP & Why Does It Matter?

How might we better meet needs that are characterized as low demand and high cost?

2016 New Jersey Medicaid Moving Behavioral Health To Fee-For-Service Sta...

What benefits result from announcing important changes well in advance of implementation? What risks?

2017 Thinking About Partnering With A Tech Start-Up?

How will you assure success with your next new project?

2018 Fitting Specialty Care Into ACOs

Who leads the effort to assure outcomes with learning?

2019 Consumer Experience Is Driving Tech Investments

What is your definition of the learner experience?

2020 Leaving While You Still Love It

How might this serve us instead of a focus on retention? What organization or service has a reputation for having people leave it while loving it - and moving to something even better?

2021 Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better, But…

Are we obsessed with being bigger and therefore work hard to prove that bigger is better?

Might healthcare or education work better if it were treated like a "utility?"

This means that the government or a single entity would own the infrastructure and everyone could access the infrastructure for a fee based on usage. We no longer had to be big enough to afford to invest in the infrastructure.

What would we lose by not having to compete to build infrastructure? What would we gain?

Why would this not work?

2022 CMS Approves Oregon SPA For First Medicaid Mobile Behavioral Crisis...

What has mobile enabled us to increase in value? Educating? Learning? Performing?

2023 Making Those Decisions

When is the best time to evaluate the effectiveness of your decisions?

When do you have sufficient information to evaluate the effectiveness of your decisions?

What do you to when the gap between those times is too large to consider waiting?


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