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2014 Taking Decision Support From Concept To Practice

Is there any such thing as "learner rights? What might be included?

What data could be shared between disparate entities to assure "learner rights?"

2015 Can Technology Improve Child Welfare Performance Outcomes?

What might we include on our "national agenda" of Employee Performance Outcomes?

2016 Disrupt Your Own Business Before Someone Else Does

What are the benefits of disrupting one's business?

2017 Do You Understand The Cost Of Value?

What are the benefits of taking responsibility for things that we believe are out of our control? The risks?

2019 Is The Health Center Of The Future In The Palm Of Your Hand?

As we focus on the palm of the hand - will we be thinking learning? or performance? What is the difference?

2020 COVID & The Economy—The Cloud Over Every Strategy

Which straw breaks the camel's back? Do we know the real reason why people quit or do we just know the last reason?

2021 Massachusetts One Care Dual Eligible Initiative Continues In Januar...

Who might be willing to share in the costs associated with training an employee?

What new value or performance assurance might emerge from implementing q model where the costs are shared?

Would the employee be willing to share in covering the cost?

2022 The CCBHC Path To Value-Based Care

How are we certifying our courses? How are we certifying any of our products?

What would motivate you to pay more for something that was certified?

What would prevent you from paying less for something that was certified than if it were not certified?

2023 The AI Edge In Preventing Readmissions

When is a problem considered to be chronic?

What are the solutions available to avoid negative outcomes related to a chronic problem?

Who decides which solution to apply? Why? When?


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