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2014 Technology = Data = Management

What is more important than having the right data when focused on making effective management decisions?

2015 Understanding The Two Medicaid ACO Models

Would you be willing to share some of the saving or some of the gains realized from learning investments with the learning provider? Would it matter if the provider were internal or external?

2016 White House Releases Parity Enforcement Recommendations

Would the overhead (cost) of third party audit and review be worth it for training/education?

For example - if a university would be willing to be accountable for a student obtaining employment upon graduation - if the student attended 98% of their classes; achieved a 3.0 or better grade point average and was active in two college sponsored non-academic opportunities - all of which would be audited by a 3rd party - would student, parent or university object?

2017 The Future Is Now

What would you add, remove, change or accelerate to accurately describe the generally accepted definition of the future of learning?

2018 Tech Capabilities In An Era Of Integration & Value

What technologies do you think will be necessary for learning to be relevant 5 years from now?

2019 Crossing The Social Determinants Divide

Are we willing to be accountable for crossing the "social determinants of learning divide?"

2020 What Decisions Can You Make With All That Data?

How do we prevent bias from impacting the data collection, selection, and analysis process?

2021 Strategic Transformations Are Digital Transformations—Best Of The 2...

We hear that most strategies fail. We hear that most strategies include technology. Can the technology succeed and the strategy fail? How might technology assure the success of the strategy?

Do most strategies include human performance? Can the humans succeed and the strategy fail? How might the humans assure the success of the strategy?

Do most humans fail? Do humans depend on what they have learned? Can the learning succeed and the humans fail? How might the learning assure the success of the humans?

2022 Florida DCF Awards Child Welfare Lead Agency Contract To Northwest ...

Who is the best learner you know?

Who is the best performer you know?

How did the best performer learn how to learn?

2023 The Elephant Moves

How did an "elephant" become an "elephant?" What might occur if there were no "elephants?"

What do you do when an "elephant" moves?

Who are the "elephants" you are aware of?

For whom are you the "elephant?"


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