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2014 EHR Impact In Perspective

What percent of your Technology (e.g. LMS?) spend and functionality is based on:

  1. Assuring you can respond to external requirements
  2. Modifying the system or your service delivery so that they are aligned
  3. Providing information to assure that you, your employees and your business outcomes are aligned
  4. What other categories would you include on this list?

2015 Making Behavioral Health System Information Exchange Work

What would be the impact of a KIE (Knowledge Information Exchange?)

201Making Multi-State Organizations Work

It wouldn't seem obvious that providing health services would vary much across state lines - and while there might be some variations in service delivery - my guess is that much of the difference is based on competition between states - and varying laws regarding payments and service requirements - which are necessarily managed locally.

Do we have this same challenge in the workplace. Are there some training services that could be offered more frequently and potentially at lower cost if shared between different companies?

What prevents this from occurring?

2017 The Impact Of Tech In The Future – & The Reality Of Tech In The...

How soon until Apple, Alphabet/Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are in the education market - or are they already? What might they be doing 20 years from now with education if they chose to do so?

2018 Yes, There Are Organizations Using Augmented Intelligence

One can only imagine what Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple know about us. What they learn as they try to benefit from what they know might have some relatively "tame" and useful applications for the enterprise. Will we be ready, willing and able to benefit?

2019 Managing Care For Complex Consumers: The Importance Of Community In...

What is our success rate with managed performance? Is it generally applied as a last ditch effort before someone is terminated? What does it cost? (including the cost of replacement?)

Would we be willing to shift those costs to an inclusive form or managed performance that started sooner?

2020 Improving Value Means Managing Cost

What opposition might we find to improving value while reducing cost?

2021 Medicare To Eliminate Many Limitations To Behavioral Health Telehea...

What obstacle consistently prevents you from accomplishing your best performance?

Who could eliminate the obstacle?

What obstacles can you eliminate for others?

2022 The Information Connections To Make Whole Person Care Work

What information operability do we need to assure performance outcomes?

What is the path from where we are today to where we will be in the future?

Even better - where do you want us to be in 10 years?

How likely is it that we will get there?

What trends are leading us or impeding us?

2023 “Whole Person Care” As A Strategy

Healthcare has removed the barriers to whole person care...

What are the barriers to whole person learning?

What barriers remain that may never be removed?

What barriers have we removed?


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