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2014 Preparing For The Telehealth Tipping Point

Have we reached the tipping point with the use of technology and learning?

Which industry will move faster - healthcare or learning?

2015 North Carolina To Implement Autism Insurance Coverage Mandate Effec...

What would happen if some forms of learning were mandated for certain populations? 

What examples of mandatory learning could you imagine - as a citizen? employee? consumer?

2016 ACO & Consumers With Complex Needs

Is it possible that those with high needs have the most to gain - and the fewest options and the least room for error? Perhaps those with less complex needs have more options and more room for error?

What challenges do you have to this line of thinking?

Where might we see the biggest gains from accountability for learning outcomes?

2017 Connecting The Dots—Sustainability & Tech Leverage

Would frequent incremental changes be more acceptable than widespread disruptive change?

What makes sense from learning theory?

2018 The Path To Long-Term Sustainability

How do we assure the sustainability of the use of effective business practices?

2019 The Alignment Of Medicaid Benefits – The Health Plans Have It

What are the sources for professional development available to an employee?

Are they aligned? What are risks and benefits of alignment? Are the risks and benefits of the employee and employer aligned? If not - might there be good reasons to avoid this alignment?

2020 Ohio Releases RFA For Medicaid Managed Care Program For Youth With ...

What obstacles might exist to allow employees to define the terms and conditions of their projects? What benefits might be realized? Why do we allow this for external providers?

2021 The Match Is Critical

What factors have the highest correlation to successful performance?

How can we assure adaptation of performance based on these factors/

2022 Whole Person Care Success Depends On The Design

What is the purpose of our design efforts? Education, Learning, Performing?

What determines our design budgets, metrics, and evaluation process?

What gaps have we identified and remedied?

2023 The Problem With Averages

Has our "love affair" with data reached the point of no return?

When does data not matter?

When is data beyond deeper understanding?

How do you want data to be considered when it "disagrees" with what you believe is right for you?


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