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2014 Acadia Healthcare To Acquire CRC Health For $1.2 Billion

Have you ever thought of starting your own business?

What would motivate you to do so? Would it be the ease of doing so?

Once you started your business - what would motivate you to sustain it? What would be the best way to sustain it?

Why would you sell the business you started? Why would someone buy it?

2015 Using Population Health Tools For Competitive Market Advantage

How might we benefit from structuring learning investments based on need vs. function? How would we manage learning for those with complex needs in comparison to those with minimal needs? Is it possible for 100% to be complex (or 0%?)

2016 From iPods To Cloud Computing – 2001 To Now

Where was your organization regarding technology in 2001? Where might it be in 5 years?

2017 3 Steps To Leading A Digital Transformation In Your Organization

What is the difference between value and intelligence?

What might be Digital transformation 4?

2018 Anticipating The Strategic Impact Of Virtual Health

Here is a thinking model:

Past - what previously normal practices are considered obsolete because of a technology change in your business?

Present - what practices are limited today because available technology is not implemented or not implemented well?

Future - what normal practices might change in the future of current technologies were implemented well?

2019 Strategic Technology Assessment: When, Why & How?

Whose has functional responsibility to assure that the enterprise is prepared to decide how to invest in the technology to support the undetermined future needs of the enterprise?

2020 The Consumer Experience Game: How The Pandemic Has Raised The Stakes

How are we likely to be better - 5 years from now? How did we accomplish this, why, and how did we maximize outcomes while limiting losses?

2021 Will 987 Become 44,325?

What available or underutilized resource might dramatically expand our potential to impact performance outcomes?

Is there a multi-tasking or multi-purposing where the work output of one feeds the performance improvement of another?

Think of the energy generated by the pedaling of bicycles that generate the lights that guide the rider at night....

2022 Move Over Nerds

What makes a word acceptable - or unacceptable?

What is the importance of context?

What is the importance of intent?

What is the importance of relationship?

What else matters?

Which of these matter to increasing the effectiveness of learning and performance?

2023 Plan Your Strategy, Implement Your Plan

Does this seem unarguably true?

If so - is that exactly the reason we should argue about it?

Where might plan your strategy, implement your plan - lead us astray?


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