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President Obama's unique oratory has captured the imaginations of many Americans. Unfortunately, his talent has inspired speakers to try to imitate his style rather than be themselves. The results have been (you should excuse the expression) "Obamanable." Yes, his rhetoric is larger than life when addressing tens of thousands of people. But even President Obama now uses a more intimate, one-on-one, humorous, confident and personal manner during town hall meetings and press conferences.

Unless you are speaking to thousands, achieve your desired result by:

- Replacing an oratorical style with an approach that better conveys the individual you are.

- Bringing out the "best you"-- the "you" who is conversational, personal and real.

- Using a natural and relaxed attitude and demeanor.

By being more personable with your audience, your application of President Obama's 2009 TARP initiative will spell Transmitting A Reachable Personality.

From Executive Speak/Write, oral and written communications trainers who want to ensure your communications skills contribute to your success.

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Comment by Paul Terlemezian on May 16, 2009 at 1:39pm
Steve, thanks for writing this. As I use my "alliances filter" on the world I think your message also applies to effectivness in building strategic alliances. Our alliance partners:

- wish to be treated as an individual company
- wish to see the best of you and the best of them combine to create a "new best" for others that is real
- wish to ensure that the customers of the alliance see the alliance as "natural" and not forced or simply convenient at the moment


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