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2015 The GIG Economy - Welcome To The World of Microentrepreneurs

This article does an excellent job of describing the pros and cons of the GIG economy.

During the "transition" from employment models to "gig" models we may be guilty of expecting that our managers know how to manage contractors and that contractors know how to be managed?

It may be harder or easier than managing employees or being an employee - but I believe it is different and that it represents an emerging skill requirement that may be addressed by traditional training models.

2016 Using Pharmacy Data Analytics to Improve Medical Home Performance

This is an interesting example of understanding data first and then seeking correlations.

This may be a method of preventing our biases from causing us to miss important information. I remember being educated by Gene Pease on this concept. He was well ahead of his time and I appreciate what he taught me.


2017 Does Your Organization Need A Digital Transformation? Is Your Team ...

The diagnostic questions in the article relate directly to Workplace Learning - and reflect "digital transformation" - 1.0.

The article did offer a thinking model for DT 2.0

"Decision 1: Where your business should go

Decision 2: Who will lead the effort

Decision 3: How to “sell” the vision to key stakeholders

Decision 4: Where to position the firm within the digital ecosystem

Decision 5: How to decide during the transformation

Decision 6: How to allocate funds rapidly and dynamically

Decision 7: What to do when"

2018 How to Make a Value-Based Partnership Really Work

Another useful framework for Workplace Learning:

Identify a problem and market yourself as the solution

Be creative and negotiate

Keep talking and show results

2019 The Why & How of Clinical Decision Support

Creating a culture around outcomes

Determining which EBPs to include

Implement the right technology

Select a partner to analyze the data (this is vital - are we willing to do so?)


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