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What does this book lack that is needed to help you assimilate and apply it?

What is preventing your application of what you have assimilated from producing the results you want?

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It's early in my reading (page 42) but I feel like the section on costs was weak. It may be unimportant but my experience makes me think otherwise. I have seen good ideas fail due to poor spending and others get burdened by bankruptcy in order to survive. It's not "fun" to focus on costs. I (want to) believe that the proper attention to costs creates a "checks and balances" that makes us even more innovative.

I have debated with providers of "green" products that being "good for the environment" is not enough of a differentiator. I accuse them of being "lazy" and challenge them to be "green" and produce better results - faster and with less expense!

The section on Free could have been stronger - perhaps I feel this way because I have read "Free" by Chris Anderson.

I believe that Free has significant potential for the training industry - Higher Ed has been moving in this direction.

I would like to start a Discussion Group about "Free" - any interest?


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