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Constructively question established models and strategically examine the environment in which your business functions:

  1. Business Model Environment - page 200
  2. Evaluating Business Models - page 212
  3. Business Model Perspective on Blue Ocean Strategy - page 226
  4. Managing Multiple Business Models - page 232

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Business Model Environment

These topics will help us question our existing model and decide what to plan for in a new model:

  • Market Forces
  • Industry Forces
  • Key Trends
  • Macro-economic Forces

The mystery is determining when and if to change our business model!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evaluating Business Models

I like the concept of applying a SWOT analysis to the Canvas. About 20 years ago I learned a SWOT technique that is highly effective because it is objective and builds consensus - while allowing for rapid adaptation.

I found the pages of questions to be interesting and wonder how they can be applied effectively.

Business Model Perspective on Blue Ocean Strategy

I have not read this book - I need to do so - and then compare it with the "Project Management Services" model that I have used since the late 90's to address the same problem - How to create fundamental differentiation.

This raises the question of differentiation for which I have developed a Six element differentiation model.

Please let me know if either of these models would be of interest to you.

Page 231 looks like a useful and practical set of steps.

Managing Multiple Business Models

  1. Severity of conflict
  2. Strategic similarity
  3. Risk


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