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Please use this discussion to ask and answer questions that arise as the use of the book and the models are new to you. What are you wondering about "in the beginning?"

Discussions 12 -20 are recommended when you are no longer a beginner.

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I am wondering about the best way to use this book. With a novel it is clear - read it sequentially unless otherwise instructed by the author. With a reference book it is clear - read it randomly driven by the need of the moment.

I think that this book is a hybrid and will likely end up to be more like the reference book than the novel. Here is what I have done:

  1. I skimmed the entire book including the TOC (and noted the lack of an index.)
  2. I've studied the pictures on pages 16-19
  3. I read the nine segments in order and then in reverse order (reading them in reverse order helped a lot)
  4. I was intrigued by multi-sided platform and followed the detour to page 76. This is when I decided that this book was for me to do something with more than just read it.

I wonder if the training industry is using the wrong business model with elearning? Have we tried to apply classroom training business models (paying per seat?)

Would we be better off thinking of elearning as software than training - and use a "software business model?"

Would we be better off thinking of social learning as social media - and use a "social media business model?"

Software and Social Media have been quick to adapt to "Free" business models (LiveMocha - what a great example!) Page 88 starts a dialog about "Free" business models and references Chris Anderson's book - Free (I've read it.)

What makes the training industry different from the newspaper industry? Are online newspapers more successful than traditional newspapers? Are the business models of newspapers ones that we should imitate or avoid?


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