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How to communicate with and reach a Customer Segment to Deliver a Value Proposition:

Channel Types

  1. Own (sales force, web, indirect-store)
  2. Partner (partner-store, wholesaler)

Channel Phases:

  1. Awareness
  2. Evaluation
  3. Purchase
  4. Delivery
  5. After Sales

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Replies to This Discussion

Karl Hellman in The Customer Learning Curve describes 8 phases of "buying" from the Customer's perspective - Need - Awareness - Access - Motivate - Purchase - Know How - Experience Value - Retain.

Each of these represent a channel opportunity.  Need and access may be the most apparent sources of channels.

He has defined Need (Who can help us make sure potential buyers know they need what we have to offer?)

He has also defined Access (How easy can the buyer get more information or support - or even pricing?)

Motivate may be a synonym for Evaluation

Know How; Experience Value and Retain are a blend of Delivery and After Sales - these are normally where training plays a significant role with the buyer. If Training Providers want to get involved earlier in the "buying cycle" they will need to find channels that are willing to stress "Know-How" and "Experience Value" during the Need, Awareness, Access, Motivate phases - without scaring the buyer away.


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