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The types of relationships established with specific Customer Segments:

  1. Personal assistance
  2. Dedicated personal assistance
  3. Self-service
  4. Automated services
  5. Communities
  6. Co-creation

Motivations for these relationships are customer acquisition, retention and boosting sales (upselling.)

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Replies to This Discussion

Communities and Co-Creation are emerging areas of high potential in my opinion and bias.

I believe that additional motivations for customer relationships include:

  • Ability to be a reference account
  • Potential to make referrals and introductions
  • Potential to enhance brand
  • Learning and Guidance from Advisory Boards

A client is an asset of our business - one component of this asset is the revenue (profit) it creates for us as owners. LinkedIn, Facebook and LiveMocha have proven that clients that produce no direct revenue can be assets that create significant value for a company.

How are training, technology and consulting companies creating customer relationships that are measured other than in direct revenue/profit?


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