iFive Alliances

Your Revenue Driver

How to generate cash from each Customer Segment:

  1. Asset sale
  2. Usage fee
  3. Subscription fees
  4. Lending/Renting/Leasing
  5. Licensing
  6. Brokerage Fees
  7. Advertising

Each of the above is supported by a Pricing Mechanism:

  • Fixed (List, Feature, Segment, Volume)
  • Dynamic (Negotiation, Yield, Real-time, Auction)

There are two types of revenue streams - Transaction and Recurring.

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Replies to This Discussion

It seems to me that pricing is one of the areas where business owners struggle the most. Customers struggle too.

Owners do not want to undervalue their work and customers do not want to be treated unfairly.

  • As owners - think about what you would gladly pay for - and then reflect that in how you offer your capabilities.
  • As customers - think about what motivates your best performance - and use that when choosing a provider.

Andrew Dietz continues to articulate the benefits to the client of being a great client.

I wonder if our choice of revenue streams dictates how and why a client can become a great client? Is there room in a business model that allows for mutual creation (between provider and client) of the revenue stream that allows for fairness and the best work?


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