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The most important assets required to make a business model work:

  1. Physical
  2. Intellectual
  3. Human
  4. Financial

These are needed to help our business:

  • Create and offer a value proposition
  • Reach markets
  • Maintain customer segments
  • Earn revenue

...and can vary depending upon the type of business model.

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What do you need first - the revenue or the resources?

  • This question gave birth (pun intended) to the "Chicken or Egg" debate.
  • It is realized in sports when we realize that I have to take my foot off of first base in order to get to second base - and somehow I had to get to first base to start with!
  • And at some point we knew we needed a car to get a job - but we needed the job to pay for the car

We need both - simultaneously - so we must:

  • Commit to a goal (i.e. the amount of revenue attainable)
  • Validate the goal by engaging with clients who benefit from our value proposition
  • Achieve success (for the client) with our resources
  • Generate sustainable cash flow
  • Hedge the above with contingency plans and by-products that guarantee a worthwhile form of value creation

Unwillingness to commit to a goal will lead to failure.

What alternatives to committing to a goal have worked for you?


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