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The most important things a company must do to make its business model work:

  1. Production
  2. Problem solving
  3. Platform/Network

And - just as with Key Resources - these are needed to help our business:

  • Create and offer a value proposition
  • Reach markets
  • Maintain customer segments
  • Earn revenue

...and can vary depending upon the type of business model

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Activities related to production and problem solving are critical but difficult to scale without accelerating commoditization.

  • An emphasis on the Platform/Network - can create sustainable differentiation and significant value of the business as an asset - even without revenue - just ask YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
  • The Weather Channel is another example of having a great platform.
  • Professional sports continue to pay exorbitant salaries and charge outrageous prices - because of their platform.
  • On the other hand - perhaps the Airline, Newspaper and Telecommunications Industries have suffered because they have been unable to create a platform/network to support their business model.

What business models have created a platform in the training industry?

  • PMI had a great one - is it still working?
  • CompTIA
  • CAEL
  • Higher Ed
  • K-12
  • LMS Providers
  • Wikipedia

Activities (tasks) are related to the five key functions of any business (with thanks to Bob Norton:)

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Operations
  • Finance

Within the last 18 months I became aware of a fast growth company that is operating with four key functions. Which two do you think it has combined?


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