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I downloaded the PDF Business Flow Chart from the site and since it comes up early in the book and is an essential tool in this I thought it might help to have it here. I also created a spreadsheet version which I find easier to use (because of the way I think) and have found it invaluable. I keep it open and make changes as thoughts occur. 

Both are attached here.

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Thanks, Fred. This visual has become an objective way to analyze a business idea. I've downloaded a $1.99 app for my IPAD that like most apps has limited functionality but has been a useful tool to help me assimilate and communicate the model.

The part of this tool I enjoy most is the creative aspect of it. I did some consulting for a firm once who had a conference room like no other I have seen (and I do plan on having one someday) the walls were covered with white Board from floor to ceiling! During the initial meetings we were all on our feet, jumping up with marker in hand, using the walls to express our thoughts. Being a visual person I fit right in.

This tool lends itself to pictures, videos, all kinds of abstract thinking that go well beyond sticky notes! I am using it every day now in spreadsheet mode but have plans to use this in many different ways. 

Love it


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