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2017 The On-the-Ground Reality of Integrated Care Coordination

This term stood out to me “transactional integration” as did a continuing emphasis related to the impact of "housing" related to the effectiveness of the health related intervention.

Prior to ACO's the "transactional integration" was up to the patient or them PCP if they had one. Reading about the challenges facing healthcare organizations related to integration - it is no wonder that the patient could not do this on their own. And of course -with housing - it is what it is - for most if not all patients.

Related to training - I wonder if the learner is capable of integrating their learning experiences? Is this a role for a coach?

And what is the parallel to housing when thinking about training?

Yes - their "house" also but perhaps also their:

  • Manager
  • Team
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Family

What else?

How do we enforce our concerns related to "housing" in the training industry


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