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2017 More Fuel for Integrated Care So - the medical industry is just discovering the correlation between behavioral health and medical issues? And in some cases behavioral issues are masking medical issues?

"There is a lot of emerging data on how behavioral disorders, particularly untreated behavioral disorders, complicate the treatment of medical conditions – frequently resulting in poorer outcomes and increased costs"

"... there is another issue that makes an equally compelling case for integrated care – the presence of anxiety disorder or depression that mask an underlying physical health problem. I hadn’t thought much of this issue until I read, When Anxiety or Depression Masks a Medical Problem, in a recent issue of The New York Times. The article refers to the concept of “medical mimics” – medical diseases that can present as mental health issues."

Do we learn better when we are feeling better?

Can successful learning help us feel better?

What if we could prove a correlation between an increase in successful learning outcomes (because the delivery was adapted to the preferred learning style) and reduced healthcare costs?

Is this worth considering?


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