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Direct Sales - What's a small company to do?

1. Develop a passion for selling. If you have it already - use it - relentlessly. If you cannot develop a passion for selling -  find out why and fix it.

2. Find a commission only sales rep! This can work but only if you have a passion for sales yourself. Please avoid the damage to your brand, your prospects and to your survival as a business if you see this primarily as a cost savings method of Direct Sales.

3. Develop and implement a sales methodology. Here is one that I created and use:

a. Define your strategic focus
b. Invest to obtain leads
c. Define and document research requirements and findings about the lead
d. Approach the prospect in a manner that fits how the prospect wants to be approached
e. Set expectations and document your discovery from the prospect
f. Build credibility during the discovery
g. Validate the interest
h. Design solution
i. Propose solution
j. Support solution
k. "Close" business
l. Implement solution
m. Monitor delivery
n. Assure timely payment
o. Review results
p. Repeat process

Accompany this with a formal documentation and forecast process. I use a combination of tools to support this and my company has a referral relationship with salesforce.com http://www.salesforce.com, Business Wise http://www.businesswise.com and eProspector http://www.eprospector.com

4. Develop strategic alliances (shamless plug for my company iFive Alliances, LLC http://www.ifivealliances.com)

What is your commitment to improve the sales performance of your company?

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