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The proudest moment for a teacher is when they see a student performing more capably than the teacher. Not because of the teacher's incompetence but rather because the student has risen to a higher level.


What can cause this to happen?


What drives your self-motivation to be excellent? is this the same for all people?


How does classroom training, elearning or social learning play a role in your self-motivation?


Is your learning performance influenced by actions of others? How?



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One of the keys to integrity is the belief that there is more emphasis on what is right vs. who is right.

The integrity of the classroom arises when an instructor can also admit that they are wrong or do not have an answer - and then makes a correction or does research and provides an answer. Social learning distributes "being right" to the community and the community also provides accountability. The instructor and the community can be vulnerable and this integrity can provide value to the learner.

How have you seen elearning be vulnerable and provide value to the learner?


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